Craig NewboldThank you for the honor of serving the people of Columbiana County for the last two years in Columbus. I was born and grew up here in the County, attending Beaver Local High School and spending time at my Dad’s gas station in East Liverpool. I AM one of you and the experiences, values and faith that I lived and observed growing up here gave me the strong foundation that I used to ultimately experience the American dream. I started my career in 1968 with no money but a determination to succeed.

I entered the field of computers in 1968 and through hard work and the Lord’s blessings was very successful. In 1990 I took the calculated risk of starting my own business, just the same as many of you who have started or wanted to start a business. That is why it is always in my mind and heart to help small businesses grow and thrive, and to never forget that is how jobs are created. Government can’t create jobs, only people can do that. I have in the past, and will in the future, do all I can to support business and make it easier for them to function and expand. That is a central part of my jobs plan.

Rather than retire, I returned home to share those blessings, and the lessons learned, with those whose opportunities didn’t match my own. I invested in local projects and businesses. To date some of my major endeavors have been:
  • Starting NewLife Technical Institute, a nonprofit school to provide technology training to people who would typically not have a career opportunity of this nature;
  • Starting Soaring Eagle, Inc. to provide career opportunities to graduates; and
  • Helping support 16 other Columbiana County businesses, entirely unrelated to me personally, through the Laus Deo Foundation, with a $499,000 grant from the USDA plus matching funds from my wife and I.

I mention the above not to boast but to set the record straight and let you know the truth. I came from the East Liverpool area, with no special advantages, and I worked hard to build a company and in the process, yes, I earned a good living. There is no shame in any of that. Since returning to Columbiana County, my wife and I have provided a great deal of money to ventures IN THIS COUNTY without expecting anything in return. But, we have gained much more than a financial return by investing in helping others’ find hope and opportunity in their lives. I believe in this Country, and in this County, and in the good people who live and work here:
  • Supporting tax cuts and reducing red tape that inhibits new businesses starting;
  • Cutting government spending to address the $8 billion deficit left by the Democratic administration in control of Ohio 2008-2009. This irresponsible deficit required painful decisions impacting schools, social programs and other important programs;
  • Reducing regulations on job creators to allow Ohioans to return to work; and
  • Facilitating responsible energy development in Ohio by Ohioans.

I am asking for your vote to return me to the State Legislature. I hope you agree we have made some significant gains in returning Ohio to prosperity and the momentum is now in our favor to continue to grow Ohio, and our County in particular. Still, we have much to do and I am well aware of that. My objectives for the next two years include:
  • Focusing on the children of Ohio and their education. Ohio’s PK-12 educational results continue to rank in the bottom of the states and must be improved for our children’s future. We need to holistically review and rebuild our schools including curriculum and student expectations. While we argue over school turf, our students need better programs, technology and the right to enter any classroom knowing their teacher will increase their knowledge as well as have the ability to provide a safe and nurturing environment for learning. We also need to consider and utilize new educational concepts on a pilot basis for evaluation much as Cleveland is doing;
  • Reducing the size of state government significantly by eliminating unnecessary programs and returning many others to local control along with the funding to manage them;
  • Privatize government programs where possible in a manner that concurrently utilizes the privatization process to spur private economic development in other areas of the state besides Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati;
  • Lowering taxes through reduced government costs as well as additional revenue from shale;
  • As an agricultural state we also need to find ways to help our hard working farmers prosper; and
  • Jobs, jobs, jobs! The bottom line continues to be keeping our current employers here, attracting new employers especially around shale oil and related industries that may follow, and to have higher paying jobs readily available to entice people to return to Ohio that have already left.

I hope this gives you an idea of what I intend to accomplish if you return me to Columbus. I have been a man from Columbiana County, Ohio all my life, and a businessman for 44 years, but I have only been a politician for two years. I think we can all agree, we don’t need more career politicians, but there has been a momentum building that consistent representation can take advantage of to help Columbiana County, and I want to go back to work for you to keep the progress going. I believe as a businessman and a local man, I can be a Representative that serves everyone. I ask for your support, prayers and your vote.

Thank you.

Craig Newbold
Craig Newbold